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The Humanitarian Information Dashboard 7 months later

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[This blog post is an abstract of the “Next Steps Report” produced by Internews and Aptivate in August 2015] Seven months later, I am really excited to talk about what we have done with the Humanitarian Information Dashboard (HID). The … Continue reading

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Why the emergency will not be twitted

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I have meant to write this blog post since very long time. But I never did since I realized that I am not sure I know what exactly I want to say on the matter. So, take this blog post for … Continue reading

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The conundrum of digital humanitarianism: when the crowd does harm

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We saw this coming. It’s like when you start sniffing and coughing and you know the real flu is coming. And you know you cannot do anything about it, because even if you take a very strong aspirin, it is … Continue reading

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Asia Trip 2013: Follow the adventures of a crisis mapper in Asia!

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I owe an apology to my readers: I did not disappeared or stopped blogging, I just changed platform for a little while. No worries, this is still my official blog, but for the time being you can see what I … Continue reading

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Crisis Mapping Intelligence Information during the Libyan Civil War

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Steve Stottlemyre from the Office of Intelligence & Threat Analysis, U.S. Department of State and Sonia Stottlemyre from Georgetown Public Policy Institute, have recently published an article titled “Crisis Mapping Intelligence Information during the Libyan Civil War: An Exploratory Case Study”.  The article touches … Continue reading

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Kenya: one election, 7 phone services, 3 maps and some confusion!

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We all knew it. We saw this coming in Haiti and talked about it in Egypt, when 5 Ushahidi maps popped out the day before the elections. But the Kenyan elections are somehow different, and the reason why they are, … Continue reading

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Breaking news: Journalism is dead!

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ok. I needed a catchy title for this post, and yes, I do not think that journalism is dead, but I do think that most journalists will be, if they do not understand what is going on in this new … Continue reading

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The very first Humanitarian “Customer Calling Center”

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Several weeks ago I had the fortune to meet with Fatuma Abdulahi, Communications Officer for Accountability for the Danish Refugee Council (DRC), the person behind the HIF project called “Piloting Accountability Systems for Humanitarian Aid in Somalia”, in partnership with UNICEF through the … Continue reading

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A post on terminology: get it right or shut up!

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I know I am not the best and most diplomatic person ever ever when it comes to arguing about things that I know about. On the other side I am also a big fan of the theory that if you … Continue reading

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Managing expectations..or hiding responsabilities?

At ICCM 2011 we could not miss the usual conversation about “rising expectations” in the local populations when doing a crisis mapping deployment. I have already said that, but I will repeat it here, since it seems a very difficult … Continue reading

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