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Intelligence, trusted networks and double standards

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One of thing that I found very useful when working on information systems in emergency situations, is to create privileged communication channels with the different actors by relying on trusted networks already present in the country or in between the … Continue reading

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Crisis Mapping and Cybersecurity – Part I: Key points

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This blog expresses only my personal views, and not the one of any organization or institution I have worked or currently work for. At his opening speech at ICCM Patrick Meier has listed a number of topics that have been … Continue reading


Answer to Matthew Levinger

This blog post has been edited after clarification on the role of TechChange and on their position expressed in the comment below.  On Wednesday, October 26, 2011 Matthew Levinger posted a blog post titled “Risk Management and Ethics in Conflict … Continue reading

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Crisis Mapping Simulation – Zambia June 2011

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In June 2011 I organized a simulation of an emergency in occasion of the Random Hack of Kindness I was helping to organize in Lusaka, Zambia. The purpose of the simulation was to wrap up a Crowdsourcing workshop series that … Continue reading

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Announcing the Ushahidi Manual

[Cross-posted on the Ushahidi Blog] Exactly a year ago, I started to work on my first Ushahidi platform. I knew little about the platform and in the course of the six months that followed the deployment of Ushahidi Chile I … Continue reading

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The search for neutrality in Open data and Crisis Mapping

The definition of Neutrality is the following: “the state of not supporting either side in a disagreement, competition or war” or “the state or position of being impartial or not allied with or committed to either party or viewpoint in … Continue reading

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Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI): where are we now and where are we going

I have just been presenting the Standby Task Force at the ESRI Redlands GIS Week in California. The three day workshop on Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) and Humanitarian Emergency has been simply wonderful. Lots of practitioners, lot’s of academics, students … Continue reading

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Why technology is 10%

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In May 2010 the Ushahidi blog posted an awesome post from Chris Blow which was highlighting the importance of working through a Ushahidi project by thinking that the tool is only 10% of your project. I loved that blog post … Continue reading

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Crowdsourcing and Crowdfeeding: participatory information management systems

I have just spent some time in Zambia to work as Consultant for the World Bank inside their regional pilot program on Climate Change and Resilience. I was hired as Crowdsourcing Expert with the goal to explain to civil society … Continue reading

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How to process information inside the Ushahidi platform – Part I: SMS and Twitter

I have meant to do this since long time ago. Those are the first two videos on how to process information inside the Ushahidi platform, explaining how to process SMS and Twitter messages. Others will follow. 🙂

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