Being accountable to people affected by armed conflicts – 2018

ICCM 2013 Panel: What’s so big about Big Data?

By the People: the role of Citizen Journalism in the Information Revolution – 2013

ICCM 2012: Anahi Ayala Iacucci, Internews: Verifying crowdsourced information

PICNIC12: Crowdsourced
Mapping and Verification in Humanitarian Response

PICNIC12: Verifying Crowd-sourced Information

PICNIC12: Crisis Mapping – Best Practices

Anahi Ayala Iacucci – ‘The importance of crowdsourced mapping in journalism’ – 2012

CDAC Network Tech Faire – London 2012 – Interview with Anahi Ayala of Internews

Local Ownership of development – 2012

ICCM 2011: Innovative Information Systems & the Application of New Technologies to Media

Geneva Forum on Social Change – New Technology and Humanitarian Response: Accelerating Impact – 2011

Share Talk – Jaroslav Valuch, Anahi Ayala Iacucci and Helena Puig Larrauri: Crisis Mapping – 2011

eTransform Africa: Challenges for ICT policies – 2011

Introducing the Standby Volunteer Task Force: An Online Community for Live Crisis Mapping – 2010


Interview done during the workshop “Social Media and Human Rights” organized in Firenze on June 18th and 19th by RFK Europe – 2012

Crisi, democrazia e sviluppo: soluzioni 2.0 per il sud del mondo – 2102

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