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Opening up the Open Data Movement

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In the past year I have been attending a lot of conferences on Open Data and had several discussions with people, from the World Bank to the United Nations, on the IATI standard and how Open Data is (or not) … Continue reading

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Asia Trip 2013: Follow the adventures of a crisis mapper in Asia!

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I owe an apology to my readers: I did not disappeared or stopped blogging, I just changed platform for a little while. No worries, this is still my official blog, but for the time being you can see what I … Continue reading

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Why citizens’ feedback is a false issue

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The new mantra for the ICT4D community seems to be “citizens’ feedback”. The World Bank has embraced it, the donor community is putting out calls for proposals almost entirely focused on that, conferences on development issues always have a panel … Continue reading

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Internet Governance Forum: real time open data vs security and privacy

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I was invited to speak to a panel in the Internet Governance Forum on the 27th – 30th of September by AccessNow, on Privacy and security in an open/realtime/linked data world. The goal of this workshop was to discuss open, realtime, … Continue reading

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eTransform Africa

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On the last week of June in Johannesburg I attended a workshop as an external reviewer for the eTransform report on Climate change.  The World Bank Group and the African Development Bank, with the support of the African Union, intend … Continue reading

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The search for neutrality in Open data and Crisis Mapping

The definition of Neutrality is the following: “the state of not supporting either side in a disagreement, competition or war” or “the state or position of being impartial or not allied with or committed to either party or viewpoint in … Continue reading

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