” Anahi is without question, the best conceptional thinker in our organization.  When talking to her about field programs she quickly moves from specific examples of learning to a conceptual framing for broader application to other regions, or on different thematic issues”

Mark Frohardt
Senior Vice President, Strategic Practice | Internews

For the past 12+ years I have been consulting for NGOs and international organizations around the world on the use of ICT4D and the strategic use of technology and data in humanitarian and emergency situations.

I am a results-driven consultant who has worked in more than 40 countries across the world. I have a comprehensive experience in providing strategic direction, delivering sustainable projects, and managing design and evaluation systems, with a specific interest in the application and use of new technologies and innovative solutions.

“Anahi is a path-breaking force in how the humanitarian community connects with the communities where we serve. Professional, articulate, straightforward, and candid. The right person when you want a problem *and* its root causes fixed.”

John Crowley – Director of Information Management and Crisis Informatics | NetHope

I am able to combine the ability to deliver high performance at the international level with a strong personal drive, and to set long term strategic directions. I lead teams by setting clear directions, coaching and giving trust, proven by my extensive experience managing teams of +100 people with budgets of +$15M. I strive in high-performing cross-functional teams, where I give my best to create and manage efficient and result-oriented policies and workflows.

One of my big passion is research, and I love unpacking complex issues to understand their complexities. I have strong communication skills, having given more than 200 presentations at conferences and panels, and trained +1000 staff and senior level professionals. I combine this skill with the ability to build robust relationships and effectively manage competing demands, that result in achieving project goals.

“Anahi brings passion, energy, creativity, persistence and the most selfless approach to all aspects of her work.”

Daniel Bruce – Chief Executive | Transparency International UK

I hold a Master degree from Colombia University – School of International and Public Affairs; a BA in International Affairs from the University of Bologna; a Master in Human Rights from the University of Padova; and a Post-Graduate Degree on Humanitarian Assistance from the Center for the Rights of People of the Padova University.

I live in London, still work on humanitarian projects and I still am a bit of a geek. When I am not working, I am doing archery.

I believe that the best way to learn is to listen, so send me an email if you want to chat!

Here you can find my CV and Resume

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