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Social Media for Local Media and NGOs

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In the last year, working as an Advisor for several organizations I have been training lots of journalists, mainly in small local community media, like community radio stations, and NGOs, on how to use social media for their work. One things … Continue reading

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Why the emergency will not be twitted

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I have meant to write this blog post since very long time. But I never did since I realized that I am not sure I know what exactly I want to say on the matter. So, take this blog post for … Continue reading

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Asia Trip 2013: Follow the adventures of a crisis mapper in Asia!

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I owe an apology to my readers: I did not disappeared or stopped blogging, I just changed platform for a little while. No worries, this is still my official blog, but for the time being you can see what I … Continue reading

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Breaking news: Journalism is dead!

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ok. I needed a catchy title for this post, and yes, I do not think that journalism is dead, but I do think that most journalists will be, if they do not understand what is going on in this new … Continue reading

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Towards the design of a communication with affected communities model

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Several weeks ago something incredible has been released by Infoasaid that seems to have passed under silence. Infoasaid is a DFID-funded project that is being implemented by a consortium of two media development organisations – Internews and BBC Media Action. The … Continue reading

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Integrating Local Media and ICTs into Humanitarian Response in Central African Republic

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[This blog post os cross posted on the Ushahidi blog] It is done. I have been dreaming about this project for the past 2 years and today, I am incredibly proud to announce the launch of the Internews Crisis Map for Central … Continue reading

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Appropriateness, affordability and sustainability of technology

Since I started working as innovation and new media consultant I often find myself struggling on exactly should be and how to look at the assessment of environments for the implementation of projects involving the use or the introduction of … Continue reading

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New technologies and early warning systems in non-permissive environments

I have been invited to participate in a Conference organized by Oxfam Australia “Early Warning for Protection: Technologies and practise for the prevention of mass atrocity crimes” held in Phnom Penh on the 3-4 November 2010. I was asked to … Continue reading

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How to process information inside the Ushahidi platform – Part I: SMS and Twitter

I have meant to do this since long time ago. Those are the first two videos on how to process information inside the Ushahidi platform, explaining how to process SMS and Twitter messages. Others will follow.🙂

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The Afghan War Diary and the original sin

I have been fairly silent in the past weeks about the issue of WikiLeaks and the Afghan Diaries, but only because I was crazingly busy, not because I didn’t have an opinion about this. First, let’s understand what happened. On … Continue reading

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