Kenya Westgate Mall Attack: social media sources

There are times when you feel useless. Those times when you realize that it could have been you, but it is not, and you realize that sometime, randomness is what makes the difference. The Westgate situation is one of those situations.

So, while I am in Italy and I feel as useless as I could possibly feel, I need to occupy my time not to get crazy. And this blogpost is what I can do, little and maybe not that useful, but still something that is helping me to be up to date on the situation.

I am going to keep adding information and sources using this Google doc. Please, feel free to add there any other relevant source that you are using.



Kenyan Police:


The Kenya National Disaster Operation Centre:

Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government in The Office of the President:

Kenya MissingPersons, Official account for Kenya Missing and Unidentified Persons:

US Embassy in NBO:

Kenyatta twitter account :


Twitter (local media)


Citizens TV News:

Daily nation:

NTV Kenya:

The Standard Digital:


Twitter (Individual People)

Daniel Howden, Contributor to The Economist. Co-Producer of Stolen Seas doc on Somali piracy: @howden_africa

Robyn Kriel: eNCA East Africa Bureau Chief. FCA East Africa co-chair. Zimbabwean/South African: @robynleekriel

Robert Nagila: Reporter – CCTV AFRICA: @Rnagila

Nicole Sobecki : reporter – AFP : @nicolesobecki

Ohaga Ohaga: Journalist/Socialist/Realist/Idealist/Writer/Blogger. Communications Officer for a National NGO: @ohagaohaga



#WestgateAttack, #WestagateMall, #WeAreOne, #westgateshootout #kenya #Nairobi, #Westgate. #WestgatemallAttack



Westgate Attack:

Westgate Mall Attack Kenya:


Official **verified** information

Kenya Red Cross:


Phone services

Hot Line: +254714820219

The KRCS Emergency Operation Centre: 1199, 0700395395, 0738395395


Phone donations:

M-PESA No. 848484

 (thanks to Joseph Richard Pollack from the SBTF for the help in compiling this)

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  3. I am still spooked by our meal there at the ArtCaffe. It was the last dinner I had in Nairobi.

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